Q: Is your Salmon farmed or wild?

A: Our Atlantic Salmon is farmed in the North Atlantic Ocean, where the temperature of the water is very cold and the waves can go up to thirty feet high, which keeps their environment clean.


Q: Which of your fish is the most mild in flavor?

A: The Basa Fillet and Halibut are two of our most mildly flavored white fish.


Q: Are your fish served with bones inside.

A: No, we thoroughly clean our fish in-house and we make sure it is free of bones before being served.


Q: What kind of batter do you use to fry the fish?

A: We use a Fish and Chips Batter to fry our fish to perfection.


Q: What type of fish do you use in your Fish and Chips entrée?

A: We use Basa Fillet in our Fish and Chips.


Q: What kind of frying oil do you use?

A: We use the Canola Oil Fry, which is zero in cholesterol and seventy-five percent less in saturated fat.


Q: What oil do you use for broiling?

A:  Peanut oil is used to broil our fish.

** If you are allergic to peanut oil, please let us know and we will gladly make the necessary accommodations.


Q: How many ounces of fish do you serve per meal?

A: Seven ounces of fish are served for each entrée.


Q: Do you make your own Clam Chowder?

A: Yes, we make our Clam Chowder fresh everyday and we have been voted as having the best Clam Chowder for three years in a row.


Q: Do you make your own dressings and condiments?

A: Yes, we make our own tartar sauce, cocktail sauce, ranch dressing, thousand island, coleslaw sauce, honey curry sauce, and pico de gallo.